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Young Voices 2017

On Tuesday 10th January 2017, 29 pupils and 4 staff attended the Young Voices Concert at Sheffield Arena along with 5,094 other children.

After 3 hours of rehearsals in the afternoon, the concert took place in front of a full house of parents, friends and family.

All the children who attended were an absolute credit to the school and their families. The school are very proud of all the hard work the children put in. In total we did over 30 hours practicing at school and many more hours practice at home.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and comment from a grand parent attended was " I was absolutely blown away by how brilliant the whole experience was".

Have a look at the gallery below to see what a wonderful time we all had.



Young Voices 2018 takes place on Wednesday 17th January 2018 at Sheffield Arena. Rehearsals will be starting in September 2017.