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Welcome to Woodpecker's Class Page! 



Along with your children, Mrs Kelly and Mr Moreton make up the Year 5 team.  Just like woodpeckers, we have lots of energy and we work hard.  We try persevere and show resilience until we reach our goals, whilst having lots of fun!                                             



Welcome back to the Summer Term! 



Dates for this half term so far:

Here are the dates we have so far for this half term. We will continue to add to them as the half term progresses. Also remember to check your half termly newsletter!


Monday 19th April - First day back at school.

Wednesday 28th April - PC Jenny to visit PM.

Friday 28th May - Break up

Monday 7th June - INSET day

Tuesday 8th June - Return to school







We will continue to work on our topic 'A Revolutionary Way of Thinking!' for the first three weeks of this half term, where we will investigate the following key questions:  

Week 1 - What were the key things to come from the Industrial Revolution?

Week 2 - How did the Industrial Revolution impact travel and was it an improvement?

Week 3  - What was the importance of coal and iron?

After this, we will begin out topic 'Amazon Adventures' that will take us right through until the end of the summer term.

Week 4 - What are rainforests and why are they important to the environment?

Week 5 - What is the Amazon Basin? 

Week 6  - What is the impact of human activity on the natural resources and communities of the Amazon?





 This Term we will be reading the Story Street Child and studying the charcaters and their motives in great detail.  This is an incredibly captivating story that links strongly with our Industrial Revolution topic and one which the children will love!

Our main foci will be writing character descriptions, dairies and planning and writing our own histrical stories.

As we move onto our Amazon Adventures topic, we will be writing factual reports and poetry.  Much of our work will centre around skimming and scanning texts, making notes and organising plans. In our poetry, we will be exploring language choices and poetic effects.  We will be suing the text ' The rainforest grew all around' to inspire us in our creative writing.

 CLICK HERE for a link to our Literacy non-negotiables.  These are concepts/skills that are expected of the children at the end of Year 5.

CLICK HERE for the statutory spellings that children need to know how to read and spell at the end of Year 6.  We will be focussing on these during our literacy time in school, but are also here should you wish to learn them at home.



This half term, we will be focussing on:

  • Interpreting negative numbers in context, counting backwards and forwards with positive and negative whole numbers through zero.
  • Solving number problems and practical problems that involve negative numbers.
  • Recognising the percent symbol and understanding that percent relates to number parts per hundred.
  • Writing percentages as fractions with denominators of 100 and also as decimals. 
  • Solving problems which require knowing percentage and deciaml equivalents and those fractions with denominators of 10 or 25.
  • Solving problems involving multiplication and division including using their knowledge of factors, multiples, squares and cubes.
  • Measuring and calcualting the permineter of composite rectilinear shapes in cm and mm.
  • Calculating and comparing the area of rectangles including squares, including using standard units, square centimetres and sqaure metres.
  • Estimating the area of irregular shapes.


  For additional practice and extra learning at home, I highly recommend: 'Hit The Button.'  This can be found through Google and is an excellent as well as a fun way to practice tables and mental maths skills at home.

Your children also have log in details for TimesTable Rockstars.  This can be accessed on any device and is something that will really improve your children's kowledge and speed of recall of their times table facts.

The children will complete mental arithmetic sessions on a daily basis and will be developing their understanding of mathematical vocabulary.

CLICK HERE for a link to our Non-negotiables.  The mathematical concepts children should know by the end of Year 5.



We will be investigating living things and their habitats this half term.  We will explore the following questions or themes each week:

Week 1 - How do flowering plants reproduce? What are the parts of flowering plants called?

Week 2 - Asexual reproduction in plants.

Week 3 - Insect and amphibian lifecycles.

Week 4 - Mammal and bird lifecycles.

Week 5 -  Life cycles from around the world.

Week 6 - Meeting and becoming natural scientists.


Our theme for this half term is Exploring Emotions which will lead closely into our Science and PHSE focus for next half term called Relationships and Sex Education. We will be learning all about: 

  • Recognising a wider range of feelings in others and how to respond appropriately.
  • Recognising that their actions can affect themselves and others.
  • Developing strategies to resolve disputes.
  • Deepening their understanding of good and not so good feelings.
  • Extending emotional vocabulary.
  • Exploring the intensity and range of feelings.
  • Recognising when they experience conflicting emotions and how to manage these.


Our over-arching theme for the next term is: 'If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship'. It will cover aspects of Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.

Week 1 - What is a place of worship and what is it for?

Week 2 - What is a Christian place of worship like and what is it for?

Week 3 - What is a Hindu place of worship and what is it for?

Week 4 - What is a Jewish place of worship and what is it for?

Week 5 - Are people more important than the place?

Week 6 - What is a place of worship and what is it for?


We will be continuing with our ukulele lessons this half term. Due to the current Covid situation, the children will need to keep their instruments in school. They will learn to play their instrument in solo and ensemble contexts and build on their accuracy, flunecy and confidence as the year progresses.  In previous years, the children have performed for their families and the rest of the school. (Watch this space with the current Covid situation).




Woodpecker class have PE twice each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Your child will need to come to school in their PE kit on these days.

Please ensure that your child has a water bottle on these days and applies suncream before coming to school.  Please ensure all jewellery is removed in anticipation of these PE sessions.



The theme for homework this half term is based on our Amazon Adventures topic. The children will have a grid, jam packed with activities they can choose to complete.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the grid - it is also in your child's home learning log (purple book).

The children are expected to:

  • Choose a piece of work from the grid each week.
  • Complete one piece of work each week. (Neat, tidy, accurate spelling – take pride).
  • Bring their purple book with their homework in, into school during the last week of half term for us to share and celebrate the work they have completed over the course of the half term. (This used to be done on a weekly basis but things have had to change slightly due to the Covid situation).
  • Take a photograph of any large art/creative projects and stick them into their book.  Unfortunately then cannot be brought into school due to the Covid situation. If you would like to email photos to me on our class email, I'll happily print them off and share them with the class!
  • Write the number of the activity on the page on which the homework is done.  This makes allocating points much easier. 

The number of points for each piece of work are outlined at the top of each column on the grid above. I will keep a record of how many points you score each week.  At the end of each half term, the person with the highest score will receive a prize.

They are also expected to read to an adult three times each week and record this in their diary.  Please make sure they have their in school every day.



This year we will be continuing with our Ambassador Awards.  During the year the children work towards the different awards by earning credits in their Steps to Success passport. The passport has different sections which recognise children’s achievements in school and the wider community.

The ’Ambassador Award’ comes under four headings:

  • Citizenship
  • Relationships
  • Learning
  • Behaviour and conduct

Our focus has changed slightly from previous years due to the Covid 19 situation, so please see the links below for more information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at school. 

CLICK HERE for  a letter from Mrs Seaton to explain Ambassadors 2020.

CLICK HERE for the Ambassador booklet we will be using this year. You may want to have a look at the different categories and discuss them with your children. This will also be done in school, but gives you an insight into what we're looking for.


Please watch this space for other information and insights into the time your children will be spending in Woodpecker Class!

Should you have any queries or questions, don't hesitate to contact us on our Class Email: