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Free School Meals 

From September 2014 onwards all infant aged children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes) received their midday school meal free of charge. A small charge of £2.10 per day applies for the Junior children.  The catering service assures a very high standard is served daily.  The school also offers sandwiches and jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings, a selection of salad from the Salad Bar, drink and desert as an alternative to a hot meal.

 Alternatively children may bring a healthy packed lunch from home.

In addition to this, the Government are providing additional funding to our school for each pupil that is eligible for Pupil Premium. The school receives an additional £1,320 per child per year if you are entitled to Free School Meals.

To ensure we capture all funds that are applicable to us, which will enable us to provide additional equipment, support and activities for the pupils, please complete the form below and return it to school as soon as possible.

Where there are 2 parents/guardians at the address of the child, it is important that details of both of these are submitted. We have learnt in the past that it is quite common for one parent/guardian's details to be eligible whilst the other parent/guardian to be ineligible. Therefore, by checking both we have more chance of capturing the Pupil Premium.

Even if your child is in an infant class, (reception, year 1 & year 2 classes), please complete the form as we will be able to receive additional funding through Pupil Premium and if you are eligible for free school meals, this may carry on (subject to any change in circumstances), whilst your child is in Key Stage 2.

 Don’t miss out – apply now!!!

 Your child could start receiving Free School Meals straight away!

 Confidentiality - Children receiving FSM are not made aware of this (or to other children) in any way by school staff.

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Click here for a free school meal application form

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